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Physiotherapy for COPD and Asthma

COPD and Asthma are lung conditions that can limit breathing and exertion.


It has been proven that increased physical activity in lung diseases leads to fewer symptoms in the long term. It also reduces the risk of lung attacks (exacerbations).


Treatment focuses on improving your breathing, coughing technique, fitness, and strength. This has a positive impact on your daily activities, increases your self-reliance, and promotes an active lifestyle.


The treatment is tailored to your personal situation and goals. Depending on your goals, a customized exercise program is created. If necessary, we also provide therapy at home. Your specialized respiratory physiotherapist collaborates with other healthcare providers as needed.


Are the treatments covered?

Whether the treatment is covered depends on the diagnosis, the severity of the condition, and your own insurance policy. As of January 1, 2019, treatments for the diagnosis of COPD Gold 2 are covered by the basic insurance. For most other lung conditions, such as asthma, treatments are covered by supplementary insurance.

  1. There is a classification of COPD Gold 2 or higher. This is determined by the general practitioner or pulmonologist through a lung function test.
  2. The categorization into four categories of severity determines the maximum number of treatments that the physiotherapist can use for treatment per year. The criteria relate to your symptoms and the number of lung attacks and hospitalizations you have had. Based on information from the treating general practitioner or pulmonologist, the physiotherapist can determine which category you fall into.


You can also come to us for lung rehabilitation in cases such as:

  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Lung surgeries
  • After lung transplantation


Within Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere, Stefanie de Wever and Susanne Schouten are the specialized pulmonary physiotherapists.


They are affiliated with LoNA, the Long Rehabilitation Network Almere. www.lonalmere.nl

COVID Rehabilitation Training

The coronavirus can have a significant impact on your fitness and muscle strength. It’s important to start rehabilitation quickly after recovering from the virus so that you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible. Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere has developed a special rehabilitation program for this purpose: COVID Rehabilitation Training.


COVID Rehabilitation Training is not a regular sports training but specialized and insured rehabilitation care aimed at speedy recovery. The care is provided by specially trained physiotherapists from Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere. You will work on building your muscle strength, improving your breathing technique, enhancing your overall fitness, and regaining confidence in your body.


In addition to the exercise rooms at the 3 locations, Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere utilizes the modern training facilities of its partner, Van de Kampsport, located at Edvard Munchweg 23 in Almere Tussen de Vaarten.



Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere has multiple Respiratory Physiotherapists and is a member of CERA, Covid Primary Care Rehabilitation Almere. This is a collaboration between Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and respiratory nurses for multidisciplinary treatment when necessary. CERA closely collaborates with Respiratory Specialists from Flevoziekenhuis, Rehabilitation doctors from Merem, and all general practitioners and POHs within Almere.



The Covid Rehabilitation care is reimbursed for physiotherapy with 50 sessions in 6 months from the basic insurance.


For this reimbursement, participation in scientific research is mandatory. This involves completing a questionnaire and collecting data from the physiotherapist’s treatment records.


Patients require a referral from the general practitioner or medical specialist for the Covid Rehabilitation Training.



If you would like more information, have questions, or would like to participate in the COVID Rehabilitation Training, please call Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere at: 036 – 5321122 or email: info@fysiomere.nl


Stefanie de Wever


Susanne Schouten

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