Oncological rehabilitation

FysioFit Training during or after cancer treatments.

During and after cancer treatment, symptoms such as fatigue, decreased fitness, loss of muscle strength, anxiety, depression, and uncertainty may arise. Rehabilitation can help alleviate these symptoms and improve daily functioning.


During cancer treatment, physical activity is often reduced. Surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can cause significant fatigue and decrease activity in daily life. By the end of cancer treatments, physical fitness is greatly diminished.


Various scientific studies have shown that individuals benefit from rehabilitation training during and after cancer treatment. Fatigue and anxiety decrease, while physical fitness and strength improve.


Exercise not only improves fitness but also aids in overall recovery. By exercising, you strengthen your immune system, build muscle mass, and enhance bone strength. Additionally, there are psychological benefits; individuals regain confidence in their bodies and can better cope with emotions.


The training sessions can commence during cancer treatments (including chemotherapy). After the initial intake, a customized training program will be developed with you. This program may be adjusted as needed during the chemotherapy week. Oncological rehabilitation consists of two one-hour sessions per week at our location in “Van de Kamp-Sport” in Almere Stad.

Yvette van Wegen is the specialized oncology physiotherapist / movement scientist within Medi-Mere.


Yvette van Wegen

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