Sports physiotherapy

Fysiotherapie Medi-Mere has a team of specialized physiotherapists and a movement scientist.

Sports physiotherapy is intended for individuals who have sustained an injury while playing sports and aim to resume their sporting activities as quickly as possible.


But also for people who:

  • Have incurred an injury in a different manner, preventing them from currently resuming their sports activities.
  • For example, those aiming to run a marathon and are uncertain how to prepare without sustaining injuries.
  • Those who are currently not engaged in sports but wish to do so.
  • Seeking preventive information and advice.
  • Have a chronic illness or disability and wish to engage in sports despite or because of their condition.

What does the sports physiotherapist do?

The sports physiotherapist assists you if you have an injury or are overtrained.
We understand that you want to get back to your activities as soon as possible.


Aspects such as coordination, speed, flexibility, strength, and endurance are assessed. The treatment plan is tailored accordingly.
Prevention is also a key focus within sports physiotherapy.
Our goal is to ensure that you can continue participating in sports and to prevent the recurrence of the same sports injuries.


So feel free to come by and ask your questions about:

  • Sports injuries
  • Issues preventing you from participating in sports
  • Injury prevention
  • Advice on choosing a specific sport, best approach, equipment, clothing, and footwear
  • Sports medical guidance for training programs and performance enhancement

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