Manual therapy (SOMT)

At Physiotherapy Medi-Mere, the SOMT method (Stichting Opleiding Manueel Therapie) is used to improve the functioning of your joints in the spine or limbs.


Manual therapy includes manual mobilization and manipulation techniques to free up restrictions in the joints of the spine and limbs. After a comprehensive diagnostic examination, our Manual Therapist, Corine Nelen, employs specific manual skills on the restricted joints. The effects of this manual therapy are often immediately noticeable: you will feel a restoration of mobility and a reduction of pain.


After applying mobilization and manipulation techniques, you will receive advice and exercises to maintain this mobility.


A Manual Therapist is a physiotherapist who, after completing their education in physiotherapy, has followed a three-year education in Manual Therapy. This additional expertise enhances their understanding of the body’s movement capabilities, particularly of the spine. With her specialized training, she is well-equipped to identify and assess the cause of your complaints. Thus, she can propose a tailored solution for your issue and consult with the general practitioner or specialist if necessary.


Corine Nelen is the manual therapist at Physiotherapy Medi-Mere. She practices in Almere Buiten.


A separate rate applies for Manual therapy.


Mulligan Concept

The Mulligan Concept is a gentle form of manual therapy. No harsh manipulations (cracking) are performed.


In the Mulligan Concept, a passive sliding movement of a joint (repositioning) is combined with a normal active movement that, if correctly applied, leads immediately to the disappearance of pain and an increase in range of motion. After several repetitions, the improvement should be maintained without the therapist’s intervention.


Mulligan Concept techniques can be used alone or in combination with other forms of therapy, leading to rapid increases in joint mobility and muscle function and a rapid decrease in complaints. They can be applied to almost all joints in the human body, including the entire spine and all joints in the arms and legs.


No additional costs are charged for treatments using the Mulligan Concept. This form of therapy is counted as a normal session of physiotherapy.


Mulligan specialists within Medi-Mere are:
Stefanie de Wever: Almere Buiten

Thomas Roskam: Almere Stad

Amanda Waltmann: Almere Poort en Almere Stad

Graciella Woutersen: Almere Poort


Stefanie de Wever


Thomas Roskam


Amanda Waltmann

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